Mistakes and missed field goals cost the Bombers in B.C

Mistakes and missed field goals cost the Bombers in B.C

The Winnipeg Blue Bombers didn’t have high hopes for their Saturday night game against the BC Lions at BC Place.

The Bombers employed all of their backup players and removed players like quarterback Zach Collaros off the field because they didn’t want to lose. Winnipeg will host the regional final because it earned the West Division title.

The Lions were determined to win so that they could host a playoff game.

The Lions triumphed 40-32, but it wasn’t an easy victory.

Despite having a 14-3 record, the Bombers were unable to win.

The outcome of this game may have been extremely different if Dru Brown hadn’t thrown two terrible passes and Marc Liegghio hadn’t missed three field goals. Winnipeg, Manitoba’s capital, was in a better situation.

Brown’s pick-offs resulted in two BC scores. T.J. Lee scored after intercepting the ball, and Marcus Sayles’ 45-yard return moved the Bombers closer to a touchdown.

Liegghio missed from 52, 54, and 46 yards out. The margin may have been as little as nine points.

The Bombers’ offensive outperformed the Lions’. They fired more shots, controlled the ball for nine minutes longer, and scored three goals in the second half.

The majority of Winnipeg’s 375 yards came from the air. Passes accounted for 248 of the Lions’ 358 total yards.

Winnipeg lost the game due to errors, thus it didn’t matter.

It made little difference what transpired because the Bombers were already in first place. As a result, it became more likely that the 11-5 Lions would finish second and host the Calgary Stampeders (10-6). It provided them the confidence they needed to go on and win the series against Winnipeg.

Let’s speak about what worked well, what didn’t, and what we should do differently on Saturday.

The Bombers had failed to win a game this season before their week off. Despite playing hard and losing many key players, the Bombers fell again in Hamilton last month, and this time middle linebacker Adam Bighill was concerned it wasn’t a fluke. Winnipeg is not guaranteed a spot in the East Final. If they win, they will be able to compete in the Grey Cup.

Despite their 14-3 record, the Bombers have had games like the one they played on Saturday.

When key players were absent, the team’s field goal kicking, run defense, and kick coverage all suffered.

The Bombers have one more regular-season game before facing either the Lions or the Stampeders in the West Final. They must keep their fingers crossed for the two Grey Cup semi-finalists.

The Lions may have been in second place before their trip to Winnipeg on October 28. If British Columbia (4-13) defeats Edmonton (4-13), who has not won at home in three years, they will move up to second place.

As a result, the Bombers may have a greater chance of becoming the first team in franchise history to win 15 games, and their October 28 game against the Ravens may no longer be as vital.

The Lions’ quarterback, Nathan Rourke, may make the contest more exciting. Rourke was the greatest player in the league before getting wounded in the Lions’ eighth game. The Winnipeg Jets’ head coach has stated that he may return shortly. Campbell, Craig

Collaros will almost certainly play, as the Bombers are likely to change their starters more than once during the game. Both Jackson Jeffcoat and Greg Ellingson may recover from their injuries.

On November 13, either the Lions or the Stampeders will be in Winnipeg.

All that stands between us and a third Grey Cup in a row is a victory.

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