CFL’s Efforts in Preserving the CFL Grey Cup Playoffs Integrity

After week 21, the seasons of three different clubs will come to an end. Because of this, each and every game played in the Canadian Football League is of the utmost importance in choosing who will go on to the next round of the Grey Cup playoffs. In this installment of our CFL X-Factors series, we’ve spent a lot of time discussing the factors that set the Canadian Football League apart from other American football leagues.

CFL Grey Cup Playoffs
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The Crossover Rule is a modification to the criterion for qualifying for the CFL playoffs that was made to accommodate for these rule changes. According to the website of the Canadian Football League (CFL), if the club that finishes in fourth place in division A has more total points than the team that finishes in second place in division B, the team that finishes in second place in division B will be promoted to division A, and the team that finishes in fourth place in division A will be demoted. A club must finish in the top three of its division in order to be eligible for the playoffs, unless the fourth-place team in the opposite division has a better record than the club that finished third in its division.

The intention of the Crossover Rule is to ensure that as many clubs as possible remain competitive over the course of the season. It is only normal for fans to lose interest in a club if it is clear that the squad will not be making the playoffs in its division if it is having a poor season.

Because of the Crossover Rule, a strong club from a more challenging division has the opportunity to contend for a spot in the playoffs, even if the third-place team in the opposite division has a worse record than them. The season of the Canadian Football League is progressing like this at this point in the year. To this point in 2022, clubs from the West division have run into conflicts with clubs from the East division.

Despite having a low possibility of winning its West division, the Roughriders have a respectable chance of becoming a crossover club. This is despite the fact that they are unlikely to win their division. When compared to Montreal, who has a record of 2-6 and is now in third place in the Eastern Conference, unbeaten Saskatchewan has a perfect record of 8-0.

If they decide to swap, they will have to make the trip to play the team that is now in second position in the East. Since its inception in 1997, the Grey Cup has never been won by a team from a league other than the Canadian Football League. Will the Grey Cup be won by a men’s team, a women’s team, or both in 2022? It is possible that further information will become available during the second half of the current CFL season.

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