How ALOUETTES Could Overcome the BOMBERS – Ferguson Explained

Winnipeg’s unbeaten season came to an end on the road against a team from the Canadian Football League’s East Division, which is widely regarded as the hardest.

The Bombers’ dynasty’s future is uncertain. Do you believe they are extinct? Is it a small group that is powerless to act?

Hardly. Sorry to disappoint, but Zach and O’Shea will continue to represent the blue and gold. If this issue is not resolved, this team will be unable to compete with the best in the West.

Winnipeg was winning games with the accuracy of a serial killer, but they didn’t appear unstoppable.

Despite the fact that everything went wrong due to two missed field goals and controversial calls, it is critical to determine what, if anything, Montreal did that Calgary or BC could have done to win their own Grey Cup and beat the renowned Bombers in the playoffs.

The Alouettes’ ability to make Zach Collaros work for every point contributed significantly to their victory. Young, nimble quarterbacks can run 50 yards yet gain only 5.

Collaros’ head went through the same process when he lost on Thursday. Because Zach can reset and throw from unusual arm angles, Montreal was able to apply pressure from the inside, which is unusual.

They had to contend with more than just outside pressure this time. Despite the tighter pocket than in any other game this season, the Alouettes appeared to be ready to swarm Zach as soon as or just before he threw the ball into little windows downfield.

Collaros’ fight for every yard demonstrated that Montreal’s pass rush positions were not its primary strength, despite Zach’s determination and accuracy in conquering the challenge.

How did Montreal win despite Winnipeg’s backup quarterback throwing three interceptions last week against the same Montreal defense?

How did Trevor Harris fare from a statistical standpoint? People may remember William Stanback by Jeshrun Antwi’s massive carries in the fourth quarter. Janarion Grant’s score versus Montreal in Week 9 may have determined who won Canada’s national football title.

No, it appears that they are all “no.” There were no disguised formations or players, nor did the Alouettes force anything.

Winnipeg had multiple chances to win, but they failed to capitalize on them. The other squad performed admirably and triumphed.

This defeat demonstrated to me that the Bombers did not accomplish things correctly. It was on display until the end of the season, when they began to back off. Losing to a Montreal squad that has previously fallen to the Argonauts, Riders, Elks, and Ticats this season only adds to the intrigue of a CFL season in which a win is attainable any week.

Winnipeg-final Fans of the Montreal Bombers sat on the edge of their seats during the extra session. They were distressed and enraged that their team had lost

The Grey Cup hill climb is unlike any other. Every time you reach the pinnacle of your profession, a new competitor emerges. This happened last week in Winnipeg, and it set the tone for a memorable second half of CFL play.

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