CFL Live Stream: How to Watch Online from Anywhere

Fans of Canadian football have, for a very long time, enjoyed the rough-and-tumble nature of the sport. It is necessary for Canadian teams to play at a higher intensity level than NFL teams because of the severe weather and the scarcity of talented receivers.

Fans from all around the world tune in each year to watch the Canadian Football League, despite the fact that it is less popular than NFL. But who are to judge? If you are like us, we can agree that CFL is the best show on earth .

This year, the Canadian Football League Regular season kicked off on June 8. On this website, you will find out the multiple options available for CFL live stream. Without further ado, let’s get into the meat of the post.

CFL Live Stream

CFL live stream 2023: watch with and without cable in Canada

TSN is the official broadcaster of the Canadian Football League (CFL). It collaborates with RDS to provide coverage of telecast games in Quebec, including the Montreal Alouettes.

With Cable

TSN broadcasts live coverage of Canadian Football League games throughout the season. Since 2008, only TSN has the rights to broadcast Canadian Football League games.

If you already have a subscription to TSN, you may use your TSN login to watch live sports on TSN GO completely free of charge. For additional information, please visit this website.


The Canadian Football League (CFL) games are shown on TSN, while coverage of Quebec games, particularly those involving the Montreal Alouettes, is split between that network and RDS.

TSN GO is an application that allows subscribers of TSN to access live games as well as extra TSN and TSN2 programming on their personal computers, tablets, and smartphones.

RDS En Direct

While the English language coverage is available on the TSN, folks who have been speaking the French language can tune into RDS En Direct option to watch the CFL games with cable.

Without Cable

TSN Direct

Four years ago, TSN Direct premiered, allowing CFL fans without cable or satellite to watch games. TSN supplied its services for the first time without requiring a television subscription.

Available to Canadians is TSN Direct. The monthly membership fee is $19.99. Six-month subscriptions are available for $99.95 when paid in advance. The only requirement is an Internet connection.

TSN Direct offers the same content as its cable and satellite counterparts. each Canadian Football League contest (CFL). There are also several streaming and on-demand options available.

In addition to Android, Apple TV/Apple TV, and Windows, TSN Direct supports Samsung Smart Hub and Xbox One blue-ray players.

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How to watch a CFL live stream in The USA

ESPN is the only network in the United States, Mexico, and South America that broadcasts CFL games. A few games will be aired on ESPN2, while the others will be streamed exclusively online and on mobile devices on ESPN3.

If you do not have a satellite TV or Internet service provider subscription, you may utilize ESPN+ for $4.99 per month.

The first week of service is free.

ESPN has not yet issued the broadcast and online schedule for the 2019 CFL season, but fans can expect to see select games on ESPN2 and the rest on ESPN+.

In 2019, when the CFL’s deal with ESPN expires, Commissioner Randy Ambrosie said that the league will approach NFL Network regarding a potential partnership. Turned out the partnerships still go as today.

Fans of the American CFL who wish to watch the league in 2022 may be required to subscribe to a new streaming service.

CFL live stream UK/Ireland: How to watch Canadian football

BT Sport is the only channel in the United Kingdom that broadcasts Canadian Football League games. On BT Sport 1 and BT Sport ESPN, Canadian Football League games may be seen live or on demand.

You are required to have a subscription to either BT Broadband or Sky Digital Satellite in order to use the BT Sport app for iOS or Android. With this program’s help, you can watch games on the go using either your laptop or a mobile device.

How to watch CFL live stream from outside your country?

Fans worldwide can watch Canadian Football League games on television or online, thanks to the league (CFL).

Nevertheless, if you want to stream live Canadian Football League games, you might need a virtual private network (VPN) under the following situations:

If you primarily want to subscribe to BT Broadband or Sky Digital to watch CFL games, you should avoid entering a contract for an extended period of time with either company.

Because of restrictions imposed by certain websites as well as the restricted bandwidth available at your place of business, it could be impossible to watch live sporting events.

If any of these situations apply to you, a virtual private network, sometimes known as a VPN, could be the solution that works best for you.

The best VPN service that we can recommend to you is ExpressVPN. It has more excellent features and pricing factors compared to other options.

How to Watch CFL live stream on YAREtv (International)

Thanks to the services provided by Yare’s streaming platform, personal computers and other connected devices, such as smartphones and tablets, can broadcast footage of sports and entertainment.

Through linked TVs, YareTV can broadcast live events, as well as standard channels and video on demand (VOD). Please visit the official website, for any other information.

Can I Watch CFL Football Live Stream on Reddit?

Live streaming on Reddit is possible if some die-hard people are willing to share their links. The subreddit r/CFLStreams, for instance, is available for those who want to watch CFL games for free. You can try that shot, but there is no guarantee that you can watch all the coverages. Use this option with your own discretion.

How Can I Watch CFL Live Stream Free?

Officially, you will need to pay to watch the CFL games. But you can work around with the free trial programs offered by popular providers including YouTube TV and fuboTV. Both providers offer you a 7-day free trial. Just keep in mind that this offer is only viable for new users or registrants.

How to Watch CFL live on Mobile devices or Apps?

If you’ve subscribed to a particular Cable service, consider using TSN GO for free on your Mobile devices.

Meanwhile, TSN Direct is an available option for cable non-registrants. If you’ve cut your cords, use TSN Direct to watch CFL games on your mobile devices.